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Please note that by entering these Gleam giveaways you agree that, should you be fortunate enough to win, your name (first name + initial of last name), and one of your social media handles (if entered using them), can be shared on the Gawain Games website, social media pages, and via our newsletter emails (coming at some point in the near-ish future).

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Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Giveaway | Gawain Games

More Platforms I Host Giveaways On


For those that don't know what Steam Gifts is, it's basically as it sounds, Gifts for Steam. Users host giveaways on there, the system randomly chooses a winner, and the host clicks a button to send them the key or gift link. As users login in with their Steam accounts, they site can filter out already owned or wishlisted games, along with giveaways for specific Steam groups.

While I've had an account on Steam Gifts since 2015, I hadn't really used it all that much, other than occasionally entering giveaways. I hosted my first giveaway on Steam gifts at the start of June 2020, and have been hosting more and more giveaways ever since. It's now the main site I do giveaways on, mainly because it's pretty easy and the least effort, but also tends to reach more people. There are some downsides, but I wouldn't say the downsides are anything unique to Steam Gifts.

There are some limitations on account creation to prevent people creating multiple fresh accounts to abuse the system, but anybody with a Steam account valued at $100 or more can register. Bundled or free games will hold less or no value. You can find all of my past and present giveaways on my Steam Gifts profile.


GTribe is a social media site for gamers and tech enthusiasts. It was created by Mass Luminosity and launched in 2014. I have been a member since the very start, and still use it on a daily basis to this day. GTribe have a small list of rules, known to members as "The Code", and while it can be restrictive in what you can talk about (no divisive subjects, such as politics or religion), it's a welcome treat and works incredibly well in maintaining a safe and happy site for gamers to chill share our experiences.

I've seen GTribe progress a huge amount since it first started, with many groundbreaking improvements and additions being implemented into the site fo users to enjoy and make the most of. Some of these features were designed and added because of how generous the members of GTribe can be. There is a code/key protection system, so if you post game keys for others to claim, a member will only see the key if they reveal it, and they won't be able to reveal any more for 24 hours following that. For members who set up a fan page, you can host giveaways using the fan page giveaway system, which will automatically choose a winner at random once the giveaway ends.

GTribe was the first site I started doing giveaways on, and I still do them at irregular intervals. You're more than welcome to join up, and give the Gawain Games page a follow for updates on future giveaways. You may even come to enjoy the community there! It's pretty awesome after all :)

Green Man Gaming

I've been using GMG to buy games since early 2017, and their prices tend to be some of the best you'll find from a legitimate/authorised third party retailer. They were always reliable and trustworthy, so I kept going back. That opinion still holds to this day.

Towards the end of 2018 / start of 2019, I discovered the GMG community forums. I began to get more and more involved with the forum, chatting and getting stuck into all kinds of interesting discussions. Naturally, most were gaming related. Shortly after I started using the forums, they introduced community rewards. As if discussing your passions wasn't good enough, they wanted to reward users for doing it with free games! This was on top of their regular Gleam giveaways, and other promotions! Even without the giveaways and rewards, the community is awesome, and some regular users host their own giveaways there!

I've done a few random giveaways on GMG so far, generally dropping a key if I see somebody mention a game they're interested in. I'm looking to do more organised giveaways that will require a little more involvement from those wanting to take part. I'm not sure what that will be just yet, but in it's simplest form, it may be replying with answers or opinions to a forum thread. Some of the other things I've been thinking of are quizzes, crosswords, wordsearches, art or meme competitions, and a few other things. Whatever I decide, you'll find it on the GMG forum, or through my community activity profile.