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Released (on Steam): 16 Nov, 2018

Genres: Casual

Developer: Innersloth

Publisher: Innersloth

Steam Price: £3.99

Among Us

Steam Description

Play with 4-10 player online or via local WiFi as you attempt to prepare your spaceship for departure, but beware as one or more random players among the Crew are Impostors bent on killing everyone!

Originally created as a party game, we recommend playing with friends at a LAN party or online using voice chat. Enjoy cross-platform play between Android, iOS and PC.

  • Win by completing tasks to prepare the ship or ejecting all Impostors.
  • React quickly to undo the Impostor's sabotages.
  • Check the Admin map and Security cameras to keep tabs on other Crewmates.
  • Report any dead bodies immediately to start discussion of who the suspected Impostor is.
  • Call emergency meetings to discuss suspicious behavior.
  • Vote to eject suspected Impostors.

  • Kill crewmates and frame bystanders.
  • Pretend to run tasks to blend in with the crewmates.
  • Sneak through the vents to quickly move about the ship.
  • Use sabotages to cause chaos and divide the crew.
  • Close doors to trap victims and kill in private.


  • Customization: Pick your color and hat.
  • Lots of game options: Add more impostors, more tasks, and so much more!
  • Quickly find a game online from the host list.
  • In-game text chat.
  • Rich discord integration.
  • Cross-platform play between PC, Android, and iOS!

My Experience

Completion: Played tonnes of games with friends!

Playtime at Review: 50.5 hours

Total Playtime: 50.5 hours

My rating: 9.3/10


Loads of fun and laughter if you have a group of friends and voice chat!

Insanely cheap (or free) for the hours of fun it can provide!


Occasional glitches where dead bodies remained reportable during the following round.

Among Us isn't very enjoyable with randomers and in-game text chat. To enjoy it to the fullest, you need a group of friends and voice chat to play with.

Among Us - Review

Among Us is likely known by the majority of gamers throughout the world by now. It was a slow starter, having been released in late 2018, but only attracting hype around the middle of 2020. It’s a “game of teamwork and betrayal”, with games consisting of four to ten players. The game consists of crewmates, trying to complete their tasks, and an imposter (or more depending on the game setup), trying to kill the crewmates without being suspected (sus) and ejected.

You can play with random people, using the in-game text chat, but I wouldn’t recommend this at all to be honest. The beauty of Among Us comes when playing with friends, using voice chat. The majority of my experiences have been with friends, using Discord to talk during the discussion and voting stages, and muting/deafening at all other times. This was, by far, the most enjoyable way to play! As of writing this, I’ve got around 50 hours full of fun and laughter (and maybe a little frustration at times)!

Upon creating a game/lobby, you can change a variety of settings, such as the number of imposters, visibility of imposters and crewmates, the number of different tasks (long, short, common), the cooldown before an imposter can kill again, and a whole load of other things. All of this allows for a better or varied gaming experience, particularly depending on the number of players you have. Personally, I’d say the game is best played with seven to ten players, generally with two imposters from eight players or more, but it all depends on the rest of the settings, the map, and the group you’re playing with!

Players can also customise their appearance somewhat, with different colours, clothing, and pets. Some of the combos can make it a little hard to tell the difference between characters at a glance, but for the most part it’s just an easy way to tell each other apart, and maybe have a little fun with different costumes. The pets are a paid extra, simply for those who want to support the game and have a cute/weird pet with them, although they can also make you more memorable when seen in passing, so they might not be ideal for an imposter who’s trying to go unnoticed.

As a crewmate, you’ll have a number of tasks to complete. Even if you’ve been killed by an imposter, you can continue your tasks as a ghost. You won’t be able to talk to any of the living crewmates though, and you should remain silent on voice chat if you’ve be killed to reflect that. It’s up to the rest of the crewmates to discuss where everyone was, what they were doing, and deduce who the imposters are. Crewmates will also need to repair (or not, in some cases) any equipment that’s sabotaged by the imposters, such as lighting, communications, and oxygen depletion.

As the imposter, your aim is to kill the crewmates without raising enough suspicion to get yourself voted out and ejected. You can sabotage certain areas of the map to hinder the crewmates and deter them from dead bodies, or lure them to their death, and you can lock doors to trap crewmates too. You can also use vents to travel around the map faster and evade detection. It generally takes a little while to get the hang of the imposter, but once you do, it’s great fun listening to the crewmates casting suspicions on one another, and even voting out their own at times! This is where the voice chat comes in best, allowing imposters to sow the seeds of doubt, or persuade others that they couldn’t possibly be the imposter.

If you have a group of friends to play with, Among Us is a cheap and easy way to have hours of joy together! Don’t get me wrong, it can sometimes get a little heated, but it’s all part of the experience! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing Among Us so far, and I look forward to future improvements and maps! For the incredibly cheap price (or free on Android and iOS), I highly recommend Among Us!

Posted on 25-01-2021

Among Us - Screenshots

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