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Released (on Steam): 5 Jun, 2014

Genres: Action, Indie

Developer: Uppercut Games

Publisher: Uppercut Games

Steam Price: £0.67 (60% off)


Steam Description

EPOCH - Post-apocalyptic Robot Combat

Get ready for post-apocalyptic robot combat! Follow the story of EPOCH, a guardian robot on a quest to fulfill his primary function in a world blasted by war. Use your quick reflexes, combat skills and tactical thinking to dodge, trick and blast the hordes of other robots in your way. Dodge, crouch and leap to avoid enemy fire. Spray bullets, fire Missiles, launch devastating Countermeasures, and activate powerful Boosters. Hone your skills in the multi-level Campaign, and then put them to the test in the endless Arena mode.


Follow the echoes of a lost civilization in a visually-stunning post-apocalyptic world where only robots survive to fight a never-ending war. Fight towards your goal and piece together the fragments to reveal exactly what happened when the old world ended. Is this the dawn of a new Epoch? And how can you find the one person you were originally assigned to protect?


Control your Guardian Robot with mouse and Keyboard or Controller. Make split-second tactical decisions, take cover, select targets, dodge incoming fire, utilize special abilities, and launch countermeasures!


Battle escalating waves of robots in arena-style combat, and upgrade yourself with pieces torn from your fallen enemies! Configure your robot with dozens of weapons, armors, boosters and counters.


Fight in multiple locations across a vast and ravaged city, and gather fragments of the past with logs from a cast of characters, each with their own perspective on the apocalyptic events that destroyed a once-proud civilization.


Challenge yourself and your friends to see who can get the top score against an endless horde of robots.

New Graphics, Controls and Interface specifically for PC.

EPOCH has been redesigned to be a fully featured PC Arcade shooter. We have been working hard to include the following new features;
  • Steam Leaderboards and Achievements.
  • Mouse and Keyboard controls with keybinding
  • Full Controller support

We have completely overhauled EPOCH's graphics to use the full rendering power of the Unreal Engine 3 on PC !
  • Dynamic Lighting and Atmospherics, Bloom, DOF, Motion Blur
  • All surface shaders recreated for D3D
  • Overhauled VFX, including Physics particles.
  • Destroyable cover
  • Fullscreen, Widescreen and Native / Multi resolution support
  • Graphics options settings

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My Experience

Completion: Completed easy and most of normal.

Playtime at Review: 2.8 hours

Total Playtime: 2.8 hours

Achievements at Review: 13/24 (54%)

My rating: 3.3/10


It's cheap.

I imagine it's less boring on mobile devices.


Story may as well be nonexistent.

Gameplay is simple in all the bad ways for PC (boring).

Forced to complete the game on easy before normal.

EPOCH - Review

EPOCH is an on-rails shooter that was original released for iOS devices back in 2011. It found its way to Android a year or so later, and eventually made its way to Steam in 2014. For a mobile game at that time it was probably a pretty awesome experience with all the swiping and tapping and whatever else that would have been going on. I imagine it could have been quite an intense and exciting experience. Unfortunately in 2020, on Steam, it’s very much the opposite.

The gameplay consists of switching between 3 positions and taking cover to avoid damage while attacking and destroying enemy robots with a variety of weapons. Upon finishing a level you will receive a number of credits based on your performance and you’ll salvage an item or upgrade to equip yourself with for the following levels, or to sell in the scrapyard (shop). You’ll also acquire some “intercepted data“ which you can read between levels for some basic idea of what’s going on story-wise. You gain experience at the end of each level too, and each level up will, of course, improve your stats to some degree.

For the majority of levels on easy and normal, the gameplay was pretty slow and boring. Unfortunately, you’re forced to play through easy first, then you’re expected to play again through three more difficulties. I have no doubt the higher levels are of a much faster pace and pose a greater challenge but by the time I had finished easy and most of normal, I was bored of it. The easy playthrough took less than an hour, and normal wasn’t a great deal longer, so I got bored pretty quickly. It may have been a little more enjoyable if we could pick the difficulty from the beginning rather than forcing us to replay the game several times over, but even then the gameplay mechanics just aren’t that great on PC. There’s also an arena mode you unlock quite early on, with endless amounts of enemies, but it’s still just the same basic combat over and over.

There is little in the way of story in EPOCH, with most of it being through reading the intercepted data after each level. There’s a few seconds of the opening scene to the first level that gives a very basic overview of what your aim is, and you can clearly see that you’re travelling somewhere while playing through the game and killing robots, but that’s about it. With the gameplay being so poor, it would have really benefitted from a decent story. Unfortunately it just doesn’t deliver. There’s not really any reveal or context with the ending either. You defeat the boss and that’s it. The end. Play again on the next difficulty.

I don’t doubt that EPOCH was probably a great mobile game a few years ago, and maybe even still, but my experience of it on Steam was certainly not impressive or enjoyable. Being forced to play through an tediously easy starting difficulty, with slow and repetitive gameplay, is not something I find enjoyable. It’s a cheap game though, so it’s got that going for it, and that would be the only reason I’d suggest trying it if it looks like something you might enjoy already.

Posted on 11-10-2020

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