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Released (on Steam): 3 авг. 2020

Genres: Экшены, Казуальные игры, Инди, Многопользовательские игры, Спортивные игры

Developer: Mediatonic

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Steam Price: 279₴

Fall Guys

Steam Description

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout flings hordes of contestants together online in a mad dash through round after round of escalating chaos until one victor remains! Battle bizarre obstacles, shove through unruly competitors, and overcome the unbending laws of physics as you stumble towards greatness. Leave your dignity at the door and prepare for hilarious failure in your quest to claim the crown!

Massive Online Pandemonium: Dive into a series of ridiculous challenges and wild obstacle courses with masses of other competitors online, all with the hopes of making the cut and advancing to the next round of mayhem.

Competitive & Cooperative: Shift between competitive free-for-alls and cooperative challenges where the losing team all get eliminated!

Comically Physical: Watch in delight as your fellow competitors bend, bounce, and bash their way to hilarious, physics-based failure!

Delightfully Customizable: Fail in style with everything from fashionable pineapple couture to the latest in bunny hats available to customize your look in Fall Guys.

My Experience

Completion: Played many, many episodes, and won several times (yay!). Also have 15 hours of beta playtime.

Playtime at Review: 32.0 hours

Total Playtime: 73.8 hours

Achievements at Review: 28/34 (82%)

My rating: 9.6/10


Tonnes of cosmetics, with huge potential for awesome collaborations and future costumes!

Reaching the end of the season is possible for people who have lives, unlike in many other games!

Potential for expansion is endless!

Hours and hours of gameplay! Even more so when they additional rounds are released!

Hilarious fun to play alone or with firends!

Easy to play, with simple controls, but getting wins is a lot harder.


Hackers occasionally spoil games (can be hilarious watching a hacker suck so much that they still lose though xD).

Fall Guys - Review

If you’ve not heard of Fall Guys already, you should probably crawl out from under your rock more often! Since its release earlier this month, Fall Guys has taken the world by storm, and rightly so! They’re saying Fall Guys is a battle royale, but I strongly disagree. While it was a great marketing strategy to get the attention of Fortnite fans, the only real similarity to a battle royale is that there’s only one winner. Fall Guys is a contest made up of several different rounds, similar to the likes of Takeshi’s Castle, Wipeout, and It’s a Knockout, but in a very colourful world, where all the contestants resemble beans, and they’re generally dressed in a whole variety of different costumes!

I initially played around 15 hours of the technical beta, thanks to The Partisan Spy giving me a beta key during his stream. I even managed to win… Once. After the beta ended, I went straight on to pre-purchase the Collector’s Edition, that’s just how much I enjoyed it, and shortly after release, I bought another copy for my girlfriend. She’s not a gamer, but I do try getting her playing games every now and then. She’s probably spent more time in Fall Guys then every other game she’s tried, combined! She loves it! We played many hours together with another friend, and every time has been a great laugh!

The first week or so involved a lot of disconnections and server downtime, but I honestly wasn’t too bothered about it. I’ve been around for a lot of MMO releases, and the Fall Guys release was much smoother than the majority of them. Mediatonic have been working hard to provide a more stable gaming experience, and it’s definitely been noticeable! Stability has improved massively, and now I have very few connection issues!

So, the game… You’re one of 60 beans/contestants in an episode of Fall Guys, where you’ll be racing, jumping, diving, dodging, grabbing, and pushing your way through a mix of races, survival, and team rounds to reach the final, where you’ll ultimately dive at the crown instead of grabbing it! No? Just me? Okay then… There are currently four different final rounds; Fall Mountain, Jump Showdown, Hexagone, and Royale Fumble, each one being completely different from the other and providing totally different challenges! This is often where the fun and silly game becomes a battle to the death, complete with shouting, screaming, and swearing! Please, Mediatonic, never introduce voice chat!

The further you make it through an episode/game, and the better you perform in each round, the more XP and kudos you get. If you manage to win an episode, you get drastically more! The more XP you get, the further you progress through the season levels, and the more awesome cosmetics, crowns, and kudos you unlock! Crowns and Kudos are the currency in Fall Guys. Crowns can only be acquired from winning episodes and at certain season levels, but Kudos is gained from all rounds, various season levels, and can be purchased from the in game shop. I’d like to point out that buying Kudos is definitely not a requirement, and I’ve not even been tempted to spend real money on the game. The seasons have 40 levels to them, and to be quite honest, reaching the end is pretty achievable, even for people with lives. I mention this simply because whenever I’ve played other games with seasons, I’ve never even come close to completing them!

Cosmetics are a huge part of Fall Guys, and there are loads of them! There’s also endless potential for even more costumes and collaborations with other games and companies! You can customise the colour, skin pattern, face, upper, and lower body, as well as your victory emotes and victory poses, should you ever win an episode. As eluded to previously, you can unlock cosmetics through season progression, and via the in game shop using your Kudos and Crowns. Items in the shop rotate on a regular basis, so you don’t need to wait long before finding something that really clicks with you!

The game is great fun playing solo, but I recommend playing with friends even more! It’s hilariously fun! You can have up to four beans in a party, and while it doesn’t really change a great deal about the game, when it comes to team rounds, you’ll be on the same team. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from ganging up on other beans in races or survival rounds either.

As with most online multiplayer games, it does suffer from the occasional hacker. From what I’ve seen in game and in videos, these tend to be very obvious. You might see a bean flying into the sky, or shoot ahead with insane speed. These are simply sad little beans, longing for more bean hugs. I’ve been pretty lucky as I’ve only come across a small number of hackers so far, but one of the most satisfying things in Fall Guys is seeing a hacker lose! There’s even been team games where beans sabotage their own team just to eliminate the hacker! Not any that I’ve been in, but I’ve seen videos! It’s pretty awesome!

There are a few things I’m hoping will come to Fall Guys at some point in the near future. One of them is local/split-screen parties. I get a similar kind of joy from playing Fall Guys as I did from playing Gang Beasts, and I know split-screen would be a complete hit for the game! I’d also like to be able to play with more friends. It would be the perfect game for large groups of friends playing together! This would be perfect for streamers! Image being able to stream with 10, 30, maybe even 59 followers or subscribers? Now whether this be through some form of server creation, or a party of parties, I wouldn’t really mind. I’d just love to be able to play with more than three friends!

After more than 45 hours of Fall Guys (there’ll be plenty more too), I think it’s safe to say I absolutely love it! That’s probably not a huge surprise, considering millions of people around the world have the same opinion, but it’s loved for a good reason! This game should have been thought up long before now, but I’m just happy to have it now! After having just seen what’s on the way for season two, I’m pretty hyped, and I’m seriously looking forward to the new costumes and rounds! If you haven’t played Fall Guys yet, you’re really missing out!

Posted on 28-08-2020

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