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Released (on Steam): 19 Jul, 2019

Genres: Adventure, Casual, Indie

Developer: Party for Introverts

Publisher: Party for Introverts

Steam Price: Free

From Head to Toe

Steam Description

From Head to Toe is a short interactive story about winter, existential guilt and your ex-classmates.

In this experimental 2D game, you play as Betty—a young woman visiting her hometown. Joined by her high school best friend, Quentin, Betty journeys to her childhood home on a path that she has walked so many times before.

From Head to Toe transports the player to a small-town world colored by themes of longing and nostalgia.

Instead of traditional gameplay, the experience focuses on immersive story mechanics, including a unique walking system, small object interactions and occasional dialogue choices.

  • Short, impactful interactive story
  • Fully voiced dialogue
  • Casual interactions and dialogue choices
  • Original musical score

My Experience

Completion: Completed once.

Playtime at Review: 0.2 hours

My rating: 3.1/10


Voice acting and music seemed fitting.

Toggle for auto-walking to help escape a lot of pointless clicking.

Graphics were nice for a short story like this.


Story felt bland.

I can't imagine anybody wanting to play without auto-walk on.

A lot of pointless, awkward, and annoying player interactions. It didn't feel natural or necessary.

From Head to Toe - Review

I played From Head to Toe the day after playing Thing-in-Itself, from the same developers. Both are described as short interactive stories by the developers. As I was pretty impressed with the uniqueness of Thing-in-Itself, I was hoping for a similar short story experience with this too. Unfortunately, From Head to Toe just didn’t do anything for me.

It’s a very short game, no more than 15 minutes long, and as with their previous title, it’s all about the story. While the story was somewhat relatable, I don’t feel it was told particularly well, and it didn’t bring out any feelings. This may have been, at least in part, due to the player interactions that were forced upon me. The interactions were just awkward. It felt like they were simply there so the game could be labelled an “interactive story”. It felt menial and, quite frankly, annoying. Thankfully there was an auto-walk function which helped alleviate some of the pointless clicking, but not all of it.

I found the voice acting to be very nice and relaxing, but the story was too bland to give what they were saying any meaning, and failed to evoke any feelings. It came close towards the end, but then the pointless interactions kicked in again, destroying any impact it was building up to. The very end was definitely the best moment though, and the only time I actually appreciated interacting with the game.

The graphics were nice, and I feel they fit well with the story and dialogue. The music was also very nice at creating a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. It’s also free, so it does have that going for it.

It’s a shame that, after such a unique experience with their first game, From Head to Toe just doesn’t deliver for me. While it’s only a short story, the unnecessary player interactions ruined any chance of ever enjoying it. It’s free, and it’s incredibly short, so there’s no real harm in checking it out. Perhaps others will appreciate it more than I did.

Posted on 04-09-2020

From Head to Toe - Screenshots

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