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Released (on Steam): 24 Apr, 2017

Genres: Adventure, Casual, Indie

Developer: Tonguç Bodur

Publisher: Tonguç Bodur

Steam Price: £0.79

Nephise Begins

Steam Description

Nephise Begins tells the player what happened at the time before Nephise was an orb collector. The main setting is forest again, but this time without snow, instead a more sunny and foggy weather. And there are more hills to climb.
It is a short and atmospheric puzzle game with narration.

The gameplay and puzzle system is similar to the original Nephise. There are animal skulls that you have to gather and then use on tall amphoras. You will be able to toggle the visibility of the HUD which will show you which animal skull and how many mushrooms you have gathered.

The music and atmosphere is relaxing like the original game. And the voice actor will be an elder one who will be narrating like telling the player a story.

PS: The core aspect of this game is the atmosphere. It is recommended for those who mostly seek to experience the mood.

My Experience

Completion: Completed once, started again to get the missed achievement.

Playtime at Review: 0.8 hours

Total Playtime: 0.8 hours

Achievements at Review: 5/5 (100%)

My rating: 4.7/10


Toggle to hide HUD.

Practically everything about the game creates a casual and chilled experience; graphics, music, narrator's voice, simplistic gameplay...

For any achievement hunters or completionists out there - it's cheap and quick/easy to 100%.


Very short game, with little content.

Very minimalist story or narration, and nothing's really explained.

Finding all mushrooms became pretty tedious after a while.

Nephise Begins - Review

I grabbed Nephise Begins while it was free on Steam earlier in the year, and finally got around to playing it. It’s a prequel to Nephise, a game I haven’t played. If I’m honest, I wasn’t expecting much, and as it turns out there wasn’t really much to the game, but at the same time it had a surprising charm to it.

I started off in a wood, collecting mushrooms, so naturally I went exploring the entire wood looking for them. Unfortunately, I’m not sure this was the expected/intended route, as I ended up finding different items and areas that hadn’t been explained or introduced. I did later find where I imagine I should have gone first, and things began to make a little more sense, but the story was still incredibly lacking, almost to the point of nonexistence.

It’s a basic walking simulator, so the gameplay side of things is very basic. You walk around to explore, you can jump to help climb some of the hills, and you can click to pick up objects needed to progress through the game. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary for a simple walking simulator.

What it did well, however, was create a relaxing experience while playing. The graphics were nice, the music soothing, and the narrator’s voice seemed perfect for what little was mentioned. The HUD display toggle was nice for enhancing the exploration experience and taking screenshots. It wasn’t until I started a second playthrough, to get the achievement I missed the first time around, where I began to find it a little tedious.

While Nephise Begins was relaxing for a while, it’s not something I’d go out of my way to buy or play. If there had been more to the story and narration, I feel it could’ve been pretty great, but as it is, there’s not a great deal going for it. For someone wanting a casual half an hour of exploration with little substance or meaning, maybe as a break from a more intense game, it could be worth trying, but I wouldn’t recommend going out of the way to play this for any other reason. Of course, for achievements hunters or completionists, it’s a cheap and quick game to 100%.

Posted on 09-09-2020

Nephise Begins - Screenshots

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