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Released (on Steam): 11 Jun, 2020

Genres: Action

Developer: Ubisoft Studio Paris

Publisher: Microids

Steam Price: £4.99

XIII - Classic

Steam Description

The President of the United States of America has been assassinated and you're the world's prime suspect. The FBI, the CIA, and a gang of murderous killers are trying to hunt you down. Stricken with amnesia you remember nothing, not even who you are. You're on your own and there is no one you can trust. All you have is a safe deposit key, a mysterious tattoo, and a gun. Clear your name, solve the mystery, and catch the true assassin before he strikes again.

- Exciting espionage story and fast paced action

- Top-notch voice acting preformed by actors such as David Duchovny and Adam West

- Cel-shaded graphics and comic book like narration brings the experience of the acclaimed comic book to life on your computer"

My Experience

Completion: Completed once. 1-2 hours lost when i forgot to save (d'oh!).

Playtime at Review: 8.9 hours

Total Playtime: 9 hours

My rating: 7.3/10


Levels and missions are nice and varied.

Intriguing story, even with it's somewhat predictable ending.

Decent amount of weaponry for different play styles.

Comic book features are pretty awesome and unique!


With it being an older game, it lacks common features like auto-saves or saving on exit.

Cursor movement on the menu was incredibly awkward.

Checkpoints didn't always feel like they were in the best place, forcing to replay big chunks of missions on occasion.

XIII - Classic - Review

XIII is an older game, back from the days of the PS2, GameCube, and OG Xbox. Unfortunately I never had the chance to play it back then, mainly because I didn’t know it existed! After seeing it on Steam, I thought it looked pretty cool and it reminded me of similar games from the same era, like EA’s James Bond 007 games, so I decided to give it a try. It’s safe to say, I’m glad I gave it a shot! The nostalgia hit pretty hard! It took me straight back to the early noughties! Not really surprising when it was released in 2003, but it was a great feeling all the same!

When I first started the game, I began to worry that it wasn’t going to play too well, mainly because mouse movement on the menus was pretty poor. Thankfully the arrow keys worked fine, and the rest of the game played very nicely. I especially liked the comic book-like effects, be it the “kill cam”, your partner’s actions, or the onomatopoeic words accompanying certain actions! While I’d say the ending was predictable, the story and how it unfolded was pretty awesome and it easily kept me intrigued and wanting to find out more. I do, however, feel like the ending was setting it up for a sequel, but who knows, if the remake sells well, maybe we’ll see one.

Each map looked and felt completely different, the length of the levels differed quite a bit, and the missions to complete a level were nice and varied. The only time I felt slight repetition was due to my own mistakes and getting killed or being spotted on a stealth only mission. Fortunately, there are checkpoints throughout each mission, although they weren't always ideally positioned. While I found many levels had a very specific route that I couldn’t deviate from, others were more open to play however I wanted. Some levels required me to go in guns blazing, while others required a more stealthy approach, all the while maintaining relevance to the story.

There was a decent amount of weapons available at different stages of the game and trying out each new weapon was always great fun! My personal favourites were the .44 Special and the second/later model of the crossbow! The assault rifle was awesome too, with its grenade launching capabilities! I also started each level with different tools/gadgets, like the grappling hook and lockpick. I found a variety of different items through my adventures as well, ranging from medkits and armour, to keys/keypasses, and objects such as chairs and ashtrays (I think they were ashtrays) that could be used to bash enemies over the head.

Obviously, XIII is an older game, so it’s missing some of the more common features we all take for granted, like autosaves, or saving on exit, something which I was reminded of the hard way! It also means it's missing Steam achievements and trading cards. You really shouldn't let that put you off though! If you go into XIII expecting a modern game, with stunning graphics and revolutionary gameplay mechanics, you’re going to be disappointed! But if you go in to relive (or just live, depending on your age/experience) some of the great games of the early 2000s, then you’ll likely have a great time! I don’t get feelings like this when I play more recent games, and it’s something I really miss!

Posted on 07-08-2020

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